Block and White Milk Energizing White Tea Whitening Lotion. Just because it smells good.

Small white burger looking portable speakers. Not sure about the brand. Battery operated, charges via USB. They’re so small, I just throw them into my bag in case I need them, or I use them to listen to music in bed. Tiny tinny sound, but good enough for random music listening moments. I remember my friends and I listening to Elton John’s Tiny Dancer and Phoenix songs in the van in Cambodia with these speakers.

A cute Le Sports Sac bag, bought on sale from Rustan’s. It’s so handy, so durable, and the perfect size, and I think the print’s adorable.

Jim Thompson pouches, bought from the outlet in Bangkok. I wish I could’ve bought them all! I got only two pouches, and my favorite is a purple-yellow-green striped cigarette case.

Domo-kun pouch, also bought from Bangkok. Cuuuuute