amongst the gods my favorite pic from bali

I was going through some pictures to upload to my new Flickr Pro Account (thanks for helping me out, Jules!), and I kept on coming back to the ones I took in Bali.

It’s always been the little things that fascinated me when traveling, like the sight of cats making themselves at home in a temple, or colorful flowers and fruits strewn in a rainy alleyway. I look for things like these everywhere I go.

Tom Robbins would call it the romancing of objecthood. (Or something along those lines.) Maybe that’s what this is all about. But I’ve always been such a fan of unrequited love. Distance and transience can make even the smallest, most inane thing look like a blessed object on earth.

Now, I feel like I’m doomed to a life of ordinariness, of waking up to in bubble where I’ve already found and touched everything left to be discovered. Like when you know you’re stuck in a phobia that”s completely irrational and 100% unfounded, I know I’m being silly and unreasonable. But I’m scared of never being somewhere new and seeing the new, small things again.