Photo 1

this is a picture of my little sister’s favorite stuffed animal, the currently fourteen-year-old mona, black cat turned grey. i borrowed it from my sister for a couple of minutes to send a picture to my friend (because his cat looks like mona.. well, except much prettier) and she kept asking, “WHY why why??” and when i gave it back to her, she grabbed it and hugged it tight.

on the wall, you can see pictures that i painted when i was in the first grade. i don’t think you can see it, but i didn’t know how to blend cray-pas (or maybe i didn’t want to get my fingers messy) so i made the sun striped yellow and orange.

ah, things from our childhood.


.. is because it gives people a good excuse to throw Christmas parties and just have silly fun.

I have more than thirty pictures on my phone of blockmates and random law school people posing with Prosty our 3B snowman. We accosted people who passed us in the hallway and charged them 5 pesos to pose and have their picture taken. 😀 And yes, we earned a lot, hahaha.

James Yuill is one of my favorite musical discoveries of 2008. He’s one of those guys with a laptop that does everything in the song by himself, and he has a great way of melding a folksy sound with electronica.

Here’s his first full music video. Watch it, I promise you’ll be a happier person after this song.

I’ve gone back to my first-gen iPhone! I’ve always hated using it because it’s impossible to text while driving, but ever since I’ve gotten help installing new apps and pretty themes, I’ve discovered it’s actually pretty cool. I don’t know if you can see by the picture, but I’m pretty proud of how it looks!

Photo 18

The only thing I don’t like is the camera, but it’s decent enough..


Here’s one of many reasons I’m sticking with the iPhone for a while: an app that I’ve declared as “life-changing”, IntelliScreen.

I haven’t posted in such a long time, but I promise I will soon! I feel guilty that I’m on (very few) links lists but I haven’t posted in months.

Block and White Milk Energizing White Tea Whitening Lotion. Just because it smells good.

Small white burger looking portable speakers. Not sure about the brand. Battery operated, charges via USB. They’re so small, I just throw them into my bag in case I need them, or I use them to listen to music in bed. Tiny tinny sound, but good enough for random music listening moments. I remember my friends and I listening to Elton John’s Tiny Dancer and Phoenix songs in the van in Cambodia with these speakers.

A cute Le Sports Sac bag, bought on sale from Rustan’s. It’s so handy, so durable, and the perfect size, and I think the print’s adorable.

Jim Thompson pouches, bought from the outlet in Bangkok. I wish I could’ve bought them all! I got only two pouches, and my favorite is a purple-yellow-green striped cigarette case.

Domo-kun pouch, also bought from Bangkok. Cuuuuute

This house is full of ghosts.

Interview with the owner of an iTunes library that spans around 850gb, about 800+ days worth.

I can’t even begin to imagine what I’d do with that much music. I’m not even sure if I’ve listened to that many songs in my life!

.. And I’ve finally decided to resurrect this blog. Since I’ll obviously have more time this summer, expect me to actually start posting again. 😀

amongst the gods my favorite pic from bali

I was going through some pictures to upload to my new Flickr Pro Account (thanks for helping me out, Jules!), and I kept on coming back to the ones I took in Bali.

It’s always been the little things that fascinated me when traveling, like the sight of cats making themselves at home in a temple, or colorful flowers and fruits strewn in a rainy alleyway. I look for things like these everywhere I go.

Tom Robbins would call it the romancing of objecthood. (Or something along those lines.) Maybe that’s what this is all about. But I’ve always been such a fan of unrequited love. Distance and transience can make even the smallest, most inane thing look like a blessed object on earth.

Now, I feel like I’m doomed to a life of ordinariness, of waking up to in bubble where I’ve already found and touched everything left to be discovered. Like when you know you’re stuck in a phobia that”s completely irrational and 100% unfounded, I know I’m being silly and unreasonable. But I’m scared of never being somewhere new and seeing the new, small things again.